Yet another new location! Nedereindse Berg

The KiKa bear has been quiet for a while but has certainly not been sitting still. The municipality has told us that there will be an event in Zandvoort on the weekend of 2 and 3 September where many people will come and where many emergency services will also be present. We are therefore not allowed to rollerblade together that weekend on the Wieler- en Skeelerbaan in Spaarnwoude.

But the KiKa bear doesn’t give in that easily, so the KiKa bear started calling and emailing around looking for another beautiful and new location. We found this one, for the participants who have been participating for a very long time, in an old acquaintance. The Nedereindse Berg in Utrecht.
The 24KiKa took place here before, namely in 2012.

After a bit of puzzle and sliding work, we can go on the track on September 2 and 3 and 24KiKa will take place from Friday 2:00 PM to Saturday 2:00 PM. This means that the 6 hour race will be a 5 hour race and will start on Saturday September 3rd 09:00 AM. The 24 hour race will start on Friday September 2nd at 2:00 PM.

The track

As the name Nedereindse Berg suggests, there is a climb in the route of 18 altimeters. But don’t worry, not everyone has to go up and down here.

Are you not that familiar with inline skates or do you not feel like climbing for a while? Then you only drive the lower lap.

If you are more familiar with inline skates, you can take the lower and the upper round and participate in the Nedereindse Berg Ranking.

Now I hear you thinking: “What exactly is the Nedereindse Berg Ranking?”

Every time you take the top round, you get one point. The ranking will be kept for the following categories
 -Teams up to 6
 -Children’s teams up to 8

In the end, the winner of each category will receive a nice prize.

If you skate solo, as a duo or as a (children’s) team together 50 points or more, you will receive a super nice Nedereindse Berg Ranking medal from the KiKa Beer!

Team places

You can also set up a team place in the middle area on the Nedereindse Berg. This is possible from Friday morning, September 2, 8:30 a.m.

Sign up

You can still register via the website If you drive with a team or duo, make sure everyone registers separately and mentions the team name. You can still reserve a team place via the website.


But don’t forget to raise as much money as possible for KiKa! Ask your Grandpa and Grandma, your teachers, your colleagues and everyone you know to sponsor you and let’s raise as much money as possible for KiKa to raise the recovery chance to 95%!


The Kika Bear,

24Kika to Wheelerplanet Spaarnwoude

This year the 24KiKa will take place on the inline skating track of Wheelerplanet Spaarnwoude. The route is 3 kilometers of skeeler fun over the tree-sheltered asphalt. Of course there will be a nice transition zone for the teams and duos. Do not hesitate any longer and register now! PS Don’t forget to book a team palce during the most enjoyable event in the Netherlands!

24Kika reduced to 6 hours

In the past weeks there have been a lot of conversations with participants about the race. The conclusion is that many think it is an uncertainty to stay all together on a camping. Especially when the whether is not that good, it is hard to keep distance. The organisation understands this situation and decided to cancel the 24h race.

To raise money for KiKa and keep 24kika in the air there will be a 6h race on Saturday 5 September. There won’t be a camping but teams can make a team place next to the track. The race will start at 12.00. The registration is already open on the website.

The protocols will be updated and communicated towards the participants during the weeks towards the event.

Registration 24kika open

Just like the previous years will 24kika be held on the track of Flevonice. Besides the 24-hour race there will be a 3-hour race too. 24kika will start at Friday 4 september at 15:00. On Saturday 5 september at 12:00 the 3-hour race will start. Both races will be finished at the same time, around 15:00.

New: 3 hour race for solo riders

On Sunday morning, June 14, the 3-hour race for soloists will start at 10 a.m. This new race is a low-threshold way to get acquainted with Cycling Zandvoort and is ideal to combine if you do not have time for the 24-hour race.

During Cycling Zandvoort you will be the first to cycle on the renewed Grand Prix Circuit after the fast men like Max Verstappen have been in action here, super cool right ?! You can complete the race as you wish: racing fast on a perfect track, without traffic lights and thresholds, or enjoying the beautiful surroundings and all the innovations of Circuit Zandvoort.

Saris name giver Cycling Zandvoort.

Saris, producer of indoor bicycle trainers, is the name giver of Cycling Zandvoort. The cycling event on the Circuit of Zandvoort on 13 and 14 June includes a 24-hour, 6-hour and 3-hour race. In relay form, friends and business teams try to cover as much distance as possible, meanwhile a weekend of atmospheric camping on the paddock, in the pit boxes and in the VIP boxes of the circuit. There is also a Ladies clinic and Family ride.
Inside out

Indoor training is becoming increasingly popular. Saris offers trainers for the novice and professional cyclist who mimics cycling in detail and makes it very attractive with interactivity. For example, you can virtually climb Mont Ventoux with the Zwift trainer software. The H3-Smart trainer is the high end model from Saris. This direct-drive trainer is reliable, quieter than ever and very stable. But Saris also offers the classic roller with which you as a rider can continue to train your balance and condition. With Saris Cycling Zandvoort, the American family company Saris wants to build on the reputation of its brand and its products.

World Bicycle Relief
Saris Cycling Zandvoort will cycle for World Bicycle Relief. This organization provides mobility for people in disadvantaged countries. Providing decent and suitable bicycles increases the opportunities for good education, medical care and work in these countries. The event and its participants would like to contribute to this beautiful and appropriate charity.
Everyone can participate in Saris Cycling Zandvoort. With company teams, friend teams or even as a soloist. Toppers go for the honor, holidaymakers for the atmosphere. It will be a weekend full of cycling pleasure. Family and friends can visit the event to encourage participants.